Saturday, May 21, 2011

Food - Pavlova

Recipe got from the website of MC Australia:

150 ml egg whites (approximately 4 eggs)
1 cup / 220g caster (superfine) sugar
2 table spoons corn flour (corn starch) sifted
2 teaspoons white vinegar

for toppings, choose any fruit of your choice but i'd recommend you to choose something sourly as the Pavlova itself is very sweet.
my first try following the recipe 100% didnt go too well, lesson learn:
1. dont use 1 cup of caster sugar, maybe 1/2 will do. it came out extremely sweet.
2. instruction says to sit in oven 1hr 20 mins.. dont sit too long, maybe 1hr would be just nice. following 1-20mins, the crust was bit too over burnt.

I dont think i'll be making this one again anyway.. just for try of it, it was fun trying this as it was almost like making marshmallows.

Food - Coffee Kisses

250g butter, softened
100g icing sugar, sifted
2 teaspoons instant coffee power dissolved in 1 tablespoon hot water, cooled
250g flour, sifted
45g dark chocolate, melted
icing sugar
1. place butter and icing sugar in bowl and beat until light and fluffy. stir in coffee mixture and flour.
2. spoon mixture into piping bag fitted with medium star nozzle and pipe 2cm in rounds of mixture 2cm in apart on greased baking tray.
3. bake for 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned. stand on tray for 5 mins before removing to wire rack to cool completely.
4. join biscuits with a little melted chocolate, then dust with icing sugar.

I have always wanted to try this, but lesson learn:
- coffee taste was very mild, next batch will try with 3 teaspoons.
- MUST keep an eye on the oven, it gets burnt easily.
i will definitely keep on doing this when i feel like it :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New yEar 2008

well so fast 1 year in KL, so different from being in Penang... another new year, new beginning...
Nothing new happened.. life is fast in KL one day past and then u kno it ade one week, a few blinks one moth ade!
In penang is counting dayssssssssss when oni ifriday worrrr

Whats new year resolution?
i've got af ew.. most important is loooooossseee weight first! hahahhahahaa
What is yours?

I'm now a permanent in company but yet we going to 'mai chu chai' to SDE company, I'm fine with it as during penang years, i was in LetnI which was oso outsourced, but the people there treats the contactors worst than bangala.... lolz.. my best fren working there always call himself bangala.. which is so true. the double standard there is so bad! common' whether permanent / contractor.. we get gaji oni wert! :P

but here is diff, no matter wat, everyone got same status and respect and work together very well.. but now most people are very worried bout outsourced....
what is the worries?
i wonder.. as i have not worried about it... but i guess the atmosphere in office now is different as ppl are worried.. sort of effected me abit...
why? .... please help me to understand it.. (wicked wink ... hahahahaaha)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Goodbye my Fren Su Pei

it's heart breaking and worst is that all those heart breaking memories just continously flips in my mind again and again and again.. reminded me of grandma. daddy.. . Jenny's dad.. HY's dad and now my good fren.. who has suffered from brain cancer for almost 2 years.. She left us today 4th May 2007 being just only 27 years old.
Got a sms from JC at 7++am.. my heart pounding when i read the sms.. to think.. i may hav to go thru several days of this.. everytime my sms comes in.. shud i read? would it say .. we lost her.. i'v been receiving sms the whole morning.. until about 3pm.. it came.. and i just burst out crying.. i'v lost loved ones.. but never a good fren.. it hurts the same.

Su Pei.. may u rest in peace.. lov u forever.. at least i know you are not suffering and in pain anymore.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Dead man's Curve

ya ya.. like "me" said.... u were thinking wat 360 spin??

well.. about 3 weeks ago.. i woke up late and was kinda rushing to work.. since it was such a good nite's sleep.. was raining from midnite.. till morning.

so.. reached CyberJ and took the corner and suddenly out of no where.. my car spinned! i was drifting and screaming and... shocked! pale lor.. face green green laa.. i managed to stopped peacefully...

i noticed there is a Kia opposite the road with 2 policemen..and both policemen couldn't be bothered to come over and asked if i'm ok.. then.. a motorbike skidded and fell.. most of the cars behind managed to clear off and the guy is safe.. yet.. the policemen didnt bothered.

Well.. i calmed myself and went to office.. obviously late lahhh duuhhh..

so i told them.. and kena marah like mad.. went back home and told them.. kena marah lagi..

At work.. i heard the Kia skidded.. hit the lamp post and went opposite road. the bumper of the Kia came into pieces on our side.. my colleague who works at 7am.. it was very dark oso.. drive thru the bumpers.. and another fella saw alot of things on the road and tried to miss it.. and skidded hit the pavements.. then later around 8am.. i spinned...

We then heard some stuffs about that place.. and i managed to find it in wikimapia.. known as some Corner something.. but ppl at my workplace call it Dead Man's Curve as many ppl had died there. 5 students in a car crash and 1 working fella..

so.. pls becareful when coming thru this curve ya..

if u come towards CyberJ.. it's the curvey corner before Lim Kok Wing

Friday, February 09, 2007

we eat to live, live to eat, work to live, live to??

Sorry haven't been bloggin awhile.. but i didnt think anyone would actually come and read anything.. but then.. kena marah from frens wor.. how?
anyways. life has been bz.. routine but bz.. and sometimes bloody bored.. nothing to do.. so sleep lor.. gaining weight as well.. shoot!!! CNY coming!!!! haiihhhh.. sad sad.. but something haunting me
recently got update (gossip sort of) from a fren in my last job in Penang.. well as we all kno, in IT line. its hard to get into Permanent position in most of the companies.. wat to do wor.. call it a trend or something something.. watever lah... anyways.. so as Contractors.. we hav to kick butt work our ass off and fight with all those hundreds of ppl just to get into PERMANENT... well.. tat's if u want to lah of coz.. no one will force u wan wat
anyways.. the news was that this Boss.. told another fella.. that this person is not worthy of converting into permanent.. my jaw fell and ran and hide somewhere...hmm. still looking for it.. did u see my jaw?? if u do.. let me know.. keep in fridge freezer section first, until we meet remember to gimme back!
what sort of BOSS is this?? how could U as a BOSS go tell someone else wat U think of the other person??? ohh gosh>... if u kno i hav this blog and reading this.. i'v got some books to recommend you... try 360 Leadership.. and WestPoint Leadershp Lessons.. but if u can't understand.. i'm sure there are Leadership for Dummies book
good god i left tat company!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stupid People

isit me or am i having a real terrible bad bad day?? or isit the people in our society that made it that bad for you?? have you encountered a very bad frustrating day where everything happens on this same day itself??
well .. if you have a good way of brushing off this bad day .. like.. use 7 different colors of flowers to mandi kah.. or... wash your car with holy water kah.. or something.. do let me know..
now, my early morning started fine until i realize i forgot something important, and i drove back immediately and came back to the office... ok.. not frustrating at all. just that i'm not a real morning person..

then my system crashed on me again! F... ok fine still... no solution to that...
lunch time.. and i tot ohhh great.. i can go out and relax awhile.. mana tau..

this guy here, just opened the window and threw a bag of rubbish out of the window of the car.. no no .. NOT the driver, the passenger behind.. and it contained a whole lot of Yakult yogurt drink bottles and hit my car on the back... wah lau eh.. i was of coz cursing him and his whoever away! watta fck???? Oi.. tak ada brains kah?? how can ppl be so inconsiderate and furthermore it's on the highway and everyone was like driving bout 100km/ph... and then.. i was just thinking.. if he could be like tat.. i wonder what is his house like?? or his room??

i tried to overtake him and give him a FCK FINGER.. but we were all speeding around.. so ok.. lucky me Steve was next to me.. so we took this:

So if you are the owner of this car.. TOO BAD! you'v got GREAT FCKING FRIENDS inside there... i dont think U are any different from them!!!!

and i think it would do you good not to drive your friends again! jPJ might blacklist you after sooOOO many pppl would take ur no plate up.. anyway. ur no got in TOTO before kah?? kinda good number oso...

and to the guy who sits behind you.. watever you are! gosh! u got NO DISCIPLINE KAH?? dO YOU know how DANGEROUS of what you did.. a piece of paper is OK.. but a bag of rubbish! harlo! u think your datuk's road??? FCK U man! i can't imagine where you stay ...
and I do suggest you stay here -->>>> it would be easier for you->

and as if that is not enough.. i parked my car.. went to lunch and came back where this little kancil parked in the middle of the road blocking everyone's way in / out. everyone was parking vertically to save some space and this CLEVER person just double parked and no problem about double parking... she did it in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.. harlo.. ini memang i agak pun tau.. BaPA Hang punya Road ya?? i took me so long to move the car in and out and sideways and tis way n tat way and managed to get myself out.. lucky driving kelissa.. but then if i was driving iswara.. i'd just bang her car...
and jsut as i was bout to get out of that round.. SooooOOo frustrated .. the owner came out from shopping.. i asked "Is this the way of proper parking and blocking everyone?'"..
she said: "I pergi beli barang"
me: Kalau beli pun park betul betul
She said: Bukan i park punya.. itu orang park bagi I...
me thinking: itu orang is who?? there is no parking guy around, the children with you don even have a license yet.. who else can it be.. and when will tat BITCH say SORRY?????
me yelling: YOU Stupid!

so that's my new life for this new year...i just LOVE the ppl in Malaysia! how great!! how STUPID and IDIOTIC AND RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!